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This page, Aglocoreview.wordpress.com, is a simple preview page that once you’ve had a chance to look things over, Once you get to the next screen via the CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW LINK, it will transfer you to Agloco homepage, go ahead and fill out the form. Then, ask your friends to do the same.


  • Agloco is the re-birth of AllAdvantage, which paid out over $120mil to its members.
  • Agloco costs you nothing. It’s free. And it always will be.
  • Agloco’s Viewbar shows ads and lets you search the Web. Advertisers and search engines pay Agloco when you do that, and Agloco then pays you.
  • Agloco pays you by the hour to have that Viewbar open on your desktop.
  • Agloco pays you by the hour to have your friends have their Viewbar open.
  • Once you start using the Viewbar, you’ll get a check every month in the mail.
  • Once you sign up, you’ll get your own referral URL that your friends can use to sign up.
  • Every 5 people that you refer to Agloco will double your income.


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Surf The Net & Get Paid!

Make $1,000s every month! Are you getting paid for watching advertisement on TV? No… Are you getting paid for reading advertisement on the newspapers? No..

Companies around the world are spending billions of dollars to have their products and services advertised on TV, radio and Newspapers. We, the readers, do not get paid a cent when we watch or read the ads.

Do you want to make money with your computer? Do you want to get paid watching the advertisement on your computer? If the answer is yes, click the banner below.

Membership is ablsolutely FREE and you could make $1,000s every month depending on your effort. By becoming a member of AGLOCO, you will be able to download a Viewbar on which the advertisement is presented to you. You only need to turn on the Viewbar for 5 hours a MONTH, and you will get paid.

To maximize your earning, you can introduce Agloco to you friends/families and you will be rewarded 25% of what they earn and this referral system is 5 level deep. What does it mean? It means it is so much easier to recruit and build your network, and build your wealth!

So…what are you waiting for??? If you are really serious to make money online, you should act now. Click the banner below to register for FREE and start building your own network.

How can I help you? We, Agloco members, always help each other. If you sign up HERE you can write a short article that includes your Referral Link, send it to me and I will publish it.

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AGLOCO is for ALL Members

I have blogged a lot lately about Members being AGLOCO founders and how the ‘Members who stick their necks out’ will benefit from AGLOCO’s success. And we must recognize the importance of these efforts. But EVERY Member needs to be able to share in the advantages AGLOCO has to offer. Without delivering on that promise, AGLOCO would fail.

I have seen talk about this for some time now, and I addressed one aspect of this in a previous blog post. Still, the overall value proposition for the “average” Member without any referrals goes back to what I had written before: “You have Viewbar on screen, we pay you for it.”

So, if a Member just wants to be a Member and not recruit new Members (and frankly, 80% to 90% will not), why should they join AGLOCO?

As some Members have also pointed out, I believe the answer to is that AGLOCO’s Membership benefits need to far outweigh any costs.

The key benefits a regular Member will get are a modest but steady financial payout and a functional toolbar that will be useful while browsing the Internet. Compared to what a Member with 2,000 referrals will get if AGLOCO succeeds, this may not seem like much. Some financial payout is still ‘infinitely’ more than these Members get with a Google or Yahoo toolbar, and over time the Viewbar and the AGLOCO website will become a community building forum with useful functionally.

Since AGLOCO Membership and Viewbar software is free, what cost is there?

Signing up takes less than two minutes, the Viewbar download is a one-time install process (updates will be processed automatically … more on that later), the Viewbar uses a small section of space at the bottom of the screen and the current limit of 5 hours of browsing each month is accrued passively while the Viewbar is active on the desktop. AGLOCO only has once a month Member update emails, so overall the ‘cost’ of AGLOCO has been kept very low.

Are there risks? AGLOCO could fail and this small effort could be wasted. But Member privacy is absolutely secure, and there is little else the Member is putting out there to be ‘risked’. Thus, I’d have to say that the risk is also small.

At AGLOCO, we are constantly thinking of the ‘regular’ Member. While we count on the incentives we provide to builders in order to grow the network, without a sound value proposition to ALL Members, surely the company will fail.

Viewbar Update: Our lead tech development engineer is still in Shanghai with the Viewbar team (now seven engineers). Cutting to the point, the current release date is now between 18 and 39 days from today (between Monday March 26th and Monday April 16th). I am told this is all a function of the QA testing results.

There has been a lot of blog discussion related to the technical specifications of the website, and the ‘comments’ section to the last post has acted as a forum for us to hear, respond to, and learn from Member feedback. Thanks to all those who shared their thoughts, both positive and constructive.

Brian Greenwald
AGLOCO Development Team

 Sources: http://blog.agloco.com/index.php/postcategory/about-agloco/

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